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Soldiers, Trentham 1916 [P2-110-280]Fire; Benge & Pratt's store, Main Street; remains.Rugby league ball; group, with trophies. [P3-418-1647]Mounted rifles, Trentham. Line of mounted horses.Main Street, Upper Hutt, January 1948 (L6)Upper Hutt railway station 1955; under constructionSchool Patrol Christmas party.Woolworths Checkers of the Year competition 1966; audienceSilverstream railway bridge 2 (1903-1957); distant view downstream.Queen Street saleyards; cattle sale. Timber industry; Campbell's Sawmills Ltd, Karapoti; experimental logging tractor on bush tramway bridge. Upper Hutt Rugby Football Club 1928; juniors.New Zealand Railways locomotive, S 0-6-4 T class; number 213Timber industry; axemen at Narrow Neck, Whiteman's Valley.Beauty pageant audience, A & P show, 1967Biggs store, Main Street; interior. [P2-939-2195]Fire Brigade; new appliance handed over, 6 August 1938.The Upper Hutt District in the 1840s, by S.C. Brees Ōrongomai Marae 1998; Waitangi open day; Māwai Hakona whanau demonstrate the art of taiaha Army charter march 6, Main Street.Dunlop tyre assembly; cross-ply, small sizesLa De Da's, rugby gym, c. 1967Hazelwoods Women's Day fancy dress entrants.Upper Hutt Town Board office; corner of Main and Russell streetsKenneth Graham Rosson 21st.Rimutaka Incline; goods train and surfacemen engaged in track work.  [P2-18-26]St Hilda's Anglican Church 1920s?, south side of Main Street.



RSA Ball 1973. [P1-5498-7888]Armstrong 21st [P1-8076-10466].Plateau School Social.Brown Owl School 1977; staff.Newly-graduated traffic officers in off-street parade.Hazelwoods; staff member Susan Glover (later, Lloyd), 1966.Central Institute of Technology in operation; electronic-engineering students Wayne Sangster, Brett Alexander, and robot.Bull 21st; Lindy Brown(?) [P1-3269-5659]Upper Valley Mixed Over 60s 037Girls' Brigade Group PhotoTrentham Engineering; 20-22 Goodshed Road; Arthur Harris and a Pyroclassic wood-burner.Brown Owl School 1992; Book Week; David Maunsell, Chantelle Blake, Kiel Battock.Dunlop raw materials; fabric; bias cutting; travelling batching-up machine.Upper Hutt City of Song concert 2001; Harcourt Park; Annaliese Frickleton.Trentham Memorial Park; fantasy playground proposal 1.Natalie Whaanga and Daniel Patterson, of Speargrass Grove, Timberlea, walking their dogs after a series of strychnine poisonings.Trentham School, 1956; Standard 6 (Form 2)General election candidates 1999; Rimutaka electorate; Geoff Hounsell, Future New Zealand Party; fourth of ten; 3.0%.Beds R Us; local manager Belinda Howell receives Top 'Sleepyhead' Salesperson Award.Anzac Day 1998; four generations of the  Hingston family.Upper Hutt Bowling Club 1950 ca 001Barrie Benseman and Jessie O'Riley, nee Smith; 2000 and 1950s.Marching; Stokes Valley 'Kensington Guards' at Upper Hutt Marching Association championships, Trentham Memorial Park.University student Anne-Marie Boyle, 18, and youth minister Joanne Thomas, 23, in 'Arohanui' community house, 42 Gibbons Street.Akatarawa Dam SluiceSudfelt Davidson Engagement [P1-6800-9190]Wedding; Lynn Scott, Sandra Melva Auckram  7.Upper Hutt P. and T. third grade third division grade winners; 1957General Motors socialFashion display 1K; models, unidentified [P3-190-972]Bernie Brown, folk-singer.KJs Building Recycling, 13 Jupiter Grove; owner Keith Whiting.King Maymorn Rugby League [P1-5636-8026]Upper Hutt Rugby Football Club 1987 Junior FirstsFreyberg Road; National Rifle Association headquarters. [P2-309-506]Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1966; cave; Dopey. [P1-4693-7083]Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1967; cave. [P1-4847-7237]Civil Defence exercise [P1-2367-4757]Carol Ross 21st. [P1-7241-9631]Cricket Max; Central Districts Stags' Carl Bulfin fans.Cameron Hosie off to Switzerland for almost a year's exchange, with AFS.Edhouse 21st [P1-2623-5013]N.Z. Railway and Locomotive Society; Rimutaka MP Paul Swain and former Wellington & Manawatu Railway Co. carriage.Flood, 1965; Cottle block; (Shakespeare  Avenue?); utility truck.STC factory; large charger.Engagement; Brian John Pearce, Dale Susan Stewart, 1966; John and Ruth Stewart.Edward Lawrence "Ted" Krammer; Jaycees president. Danielle Connolle wins national Thomas Cook/Qantas corporate Christmas card design competitionDawn Garments Party [P1-2859-5249]Silverstream Veterinary Clinic, 9 Kiln Street; Paul Wightman with a feline patient.

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